Sunday, October 15, 2006

So this past week was one of the busiest weeks yet...but it was so much fun! I basically lived in three buildings: the library, the chapel, and the music building. I had so much work to get done, so the library and I are now good friends. And every night we had Airband rehearsal in the chapel. I am so glad I did awesome! All of the groups were amazing. The show was supposed to be Thursday night at 8:00, but somehow they oversold, so we found out around 5:00 Thursday that we were going to do another show at 10:00. It was a long, fun night...and we got 2nd place! We were so pysched...because we didn't expect anything. The second show was a lot of fun because it was so laid back and we all had a good time out there. We didn't leave the chapel until midnight...but of course we had to go celebrate! So we went to Steak and Shake...and didn't get back until around 3. So it was a long day, but so worth it! I'm glad it's over, but it was a lot of fun!

Oh, and Friday night we went to a haunted corn maze. It was quite possibly the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. It was Friday the 13th really late at night...and I was so freaked out! There were creepy children following us, telling us they wanted to suck our blood. And there was this demonic clown that was about 3 centimeters from my face that I couldn't get past. And it kept following me. Then these 2 other things pop out and I couldn't get by them. I think I was about to hypervenilate. The rest of the group was ahead of me and I couldn't get around them, so Will had to come and get me. It was really scary. Then this guy with a chain saw started coming after us. So yeah...I screamed a lot. Not fun.


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Airband?? Hypervenilate??


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